I started this blog because I didn’t know where else to start to fulfill what I feel is my purpose in life: to empower others to make the world a better place. Yes, I know that is a very broad purpose, but it also seems in my life that I regularly have a wide variety of experiences and opportunities, so I’ve decided that whatever comes my way, I want to help other people. This blog is my way to write about whatever topic under the umbrella of making the world a better place for people.
I am an actuary from Louisville, KY, although I began my career as a minister. I love running, drinking coffee, and talking with people. I hate shaving, but I hate growing facial hair even more.
I hope and pray this blog will be a catalyst in encouraging myself and others to do what we can to change the world and make it better! Please leave comments and let me know what we can do to accomplish that goal!

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