“The Greatest”

I am sitting one city block away from where the funeral of Muhammad Ali will be taking place in just a couple hours, attended by well-known people such as President Bill Clinton and actors Billy Crystal and Will Smith. In honor of “The Greatest,” I wanted to briefly share his six core principles. I have a feeling if we all just picked one way to make ourselves better at each of these, we would become our greatest!
I have come to believe your LEVEL and QUALITY of confidence is dependent upon what messages you allow to permeate your mind, your heart, and your soul. We all hear messages, but which ones do you listen to, and what do you do with the ones you choose NOT to listen to? Ali was cocky, self-proclaiming himself as the greatest. Give yourself permission to be a little cocky! You’re great at something! What is it?
“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” What are you strongly passionate about? If it’s anything worthwhile, you WILL get people hating you for it! Is it worth it? Ali thought it was for him, and he made a difference.
Are you the type of person who goes in and out of ideas, or do you follow through?
I believe, according to my faith, that each person should give 10% of their income. When you give, you don’t miss the money as much as you think, and you get a kick out of seeing what the results are! The other day, I was in Starbucks, and I saw a woman in an Army uniform ordering a drink. Another lady standing there jumped in and paid for the soldier’s drink saying, “Thank you for your service.” How cool! What if you set aside 10% of your income to do things like that? Imagine the return on your investment not only for the world, but for your character!
Every human being doesn’t just have worth, but a lot of worth! It’s easy to show respect to the people everyone respects; everyone does that. If you want people to know you as a respectful person, it requires you going out of your way, possibly making yourself very uncomfortable, to show genuine respect for those “other” types of people.
While Ali followed a different religion than I do, that doesn’t take away from agreeing on the importance to feed your soul. I use the Bible, prayer, writing, and study for this. It helps me realize that no matter how great I am, there is still always a greater force out there. I enjoy the idea that the Greater Force I believe in made the choice to die for me, so I will therefore live for Him. In my experience, His way of life has added astronomical value and freedom to my life and allows me to add that same freedom and value to the world!
Rest in peace Muhammad Ali. You made the world a better place! Thanks for your contributions to our society!
NOTE: I delayed in posting this so that I could include these pictures. I just took these from my office building of the funeral procession with the Muhammad Ali Center included in both pictures.

One thought on ““The Greatest”

  1. Back in the day (2002), Starbucks used to give free drinks to cops and military in uniform, not just drip coffee, whatever they wanted. Starbucks doesn’t do that anymore. Doesn’t really matter because like the lady you mentioned, a lot of people offer to pay for the uniformed soldier’s drink. 🙂


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